Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fast and farious 5

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Fast & furious 5


Since Brian and Mia Toretto extirpated Dom of the hands of the justice, they had to cross numerous borders to escape the authorities. Removed from Rio, they are forced to go up a last blow to be cleared and recovered their freedom. They establish a team of elite, gathering the most warned, aware pilots who their only luck to be acquitted for manners requires a confrontation with the unreliable businessman who wishes to see them dead. But he is not the only one in their cases. The merciless federal agent Luke Hobbs has never missed his target. Affected in pursue her fugitives, him and his team of shock elaborate a merciless device of assault intended to capture them. Examining closely Brazil, Hobbs realizes how much the border which separates the vouchers of the miserable is ténue. He then has to recover from it in his instinct to force his preys and avoid that the other one chases away them before him.


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