Wednesday, December 18, 2013

What's On your mind ?

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Assallamualaikum and hey everyone ? hopefully all of you stay healthy.. Actually today i just want to share with all about something that always happen to our life... Actually its related to FACEBOOK.. Everyday we log in to facebook account.. and the first thing that we can see is.. at the top of fb layout . "Whats on your mind ? ". Whats on your mind now ? Everdays a billion people update what happen to their life. starting on morning until night ...  Because what ? because they or we love to share with others.The problems that always happen is some people are not really like about what we update. Who cares , right ? because facebook its FREE !!! so just ignore it. From now, if you want to update your status on facebook .. Just DO IT ! . actually im really love to read all the status form my facebook friends.. So, keep it up.. and stay cool !. Thumbs up ! to all of you.. Stay visit my blog... have a nice day .. 


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